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Science planning 2023-2024


  • Science will be taught as part of a progressive knowledge-rich curriculum to develop pupils’ enjoyment and interest in Science, whilst acquiring essential scientific skills and knowledge to deepen their understanding of the world we live in.
  • The Science curriculum is sequenced to provide a cohesive structure to frame our curriculum built upon prior learning. Children will be provided with high quality learning experiences, with a particular importance placed on children working scientifically allowing them to make discoveries for themselves.
  • Scientific language and vocabulary will be taught explicitly to enable children to articulate their understanding of taught concepts through rational explanation. Children will have opportunities to develop their scientific vocabulary not only through lessons but by having opportunities to read around the subject.
  • Science has changed our lives and it is vital to the world’s prosperity that all pupils develop knowledge of the methods, skills, processes and uses of science. This will enable children to become educated citizens in an increasingly scientific and technological world today and in the future.
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