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eSafety for Parents

Roblox Information Flyer - May 2018

E-Safety Information Session - 27th November 2017

Safer Internet Day 2016

eSafety Information - 'Selfie Cop' Letter (18/12/15)

Parenting in the Digital Age


It is really important that parents and carers work with us to ensure children stay safe in their use of technology. When we talk about eSafety, we are not just talking about the internet. We are talking about the use of computers, games consoles (such as X-Box), mobile phones, televisions, tablets (such as the iPad) and many other things.

There are several elements to e-safety that we teach at Birchwood C of E:

  • How to use the internet safely, and what to do if something goes wrong or we see something we shouldn't
  • How to keep ourselves safe - keeping our details private and keeping our data secure
  • How to behave when using technology - being courteous and responsible, and what to do if others treat us in a way which is not kind. This strand also links with our behaviour and anti-bullying policies.
  • Encouraging a healthy use of technology - not over-using mobiles, consoles or computers.

The Parents' and Carers' Guide to the Internet


Useful links

UK Safer Internet Centre
Have a look at the UK Safer Internet Centre for some excellent resources that will help you set up technology to be as safe as possible at home.

Vodafone's Digital Parenting Magazine
Download a copy of Vodaphone's Digital Parenting Magazine.

CEOP's 'ThinkUKnow' guidance for Parents and Carers
CEOP's Thinkuknow for Parents and Carers aims to make online parenting simple.

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