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what does the bible say about friendship?

During Spring 1 we will be looking at the Christian value - Friendship. Our values tree at the front of school has many examples of the children showing Friendship.

Friendship is an undisputed Value in our society, with children often spending more time with their friends than with family. It is a key concept in the Christian framework, with Jesus being criticised for being ˜the friend of sinners’ and eating with those whom society rejected. The barriers between people are broken down in a loving community around God and Jesus had stern words to say to those who refused to recognise that all are included in this community of friendship.

Friends are not afraid to tell each other the truth and a friend’s loving criticism is worth more than the empty compliments of someone who does not really care for you. The friendship of David and Jonathan is very strongly emphasised in the Bible, Abraham is described as the friend of God (James 2:23) and Jesus explicitly calls his disciples not servants but friends (John 15:14 – 15). True friendship enables each person to grow and ensures that the unique individuality of each person is recognised. All this echoes the Value placed by God on the preciousness of each person.

As a whole school community, we will be considering:

  • How does the school support and encourage friendship bonds by providing opportunities for children to work cooperatively and collaboratively in pairs and in groups?
  • How does the school community find ways to support and include pupils who might be left out of friendship groups?
  • How does the school help pupils to restore broken friendships and promote reconciliation?
  • How does the school help children know where they might receive advice and support if they need it?
  • How we are given the opportunity in school to experience feelings of awe, wonder and mystery?

friendship Take home sheet

There are Values Home Sheets from Imaginor. These are designed to complement the conversations we have in school and we trust will provide much food for thought and conversation. Below is the Values Home Sheet about Friendship. 

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